We all associate the bar of drinking chocolate (‘xocolata a la pedra’ in Catalan) with the moment we drink a cup of chocolate with a slice of bread or cake. But what is the origin of the expression ‘xocolata a la pedra’? In fact, the name comes from the old production process, when the cocoa beans were chopped on a ‘pedra’ or stone. Today, the production process is different but we’ve kept the name to transmit these origins.

At Chocolate Amatller we have evolved the traditional flavour of our ‘xocolata a la pedra’, incorporating several aromatic touches to provide it with a personality all of its own. We make Drinking chocolate 45% cocoa cinnamon and the Drinking chocolate 60% cocoa vanilla.

To prepare it correctly, just follow these simple steps:

Heat 100ml of water, dairy or vegetable milk

When hot, add 50g of chocolate (2 servings) and blend in.

Bring to the boil and keep stirring until you achieve the desired texture. Chocolate Amatller drinking chocolate contains 100% natural corn starch*, which must be boiled to give consistency and thicken the chocolate.

If you add more water, dairy or vegetable milk, you will get a more liquid chocolate.

If you add more chocolate, it will be thicker.

Whatever you do, you’ll get a finger-licking hot chocolate!

* Corn starch is a 100% natural food supplement. It is obtained by thorough grinding and then passing ripe corn kernels through a centrifuge. Corn starch contains vitamin PP, as well as macro and microelements such as sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium.