About Sweetbar

We are a small team of chocolate and sweet lovers. But we’re also keen on a healthy way of life. So we’ve sought out confectionery brands that allow you to enjoy the taste while knowing that the ingredients are pure and of the highest possible quality.

Now at last we’re ready to share our love of outstanding products with you – those who can’t imagine life without a little sweet something every now and then!

We are searching the world for the very best manufacturers – and offer our clients easy, uninterrupted supply to the local market.

Today, we’re the exclusive distributor of three unique brands in Georgia: the legendary Niederegger marzipan from Lübeck, Germany and absolutely beautiful and premium quality chocolates from Barcelona, Chocolate Amatller.

Sweetbar – it’s all about chocolate… and a little more.

It’s great to be able to share our discoveries with you!

About Niederegger

Niederegger’s long tradition has been preserved and maintained with utmost passion ever since 1806, with the company now being run by the seventh and eighth generation of the family. 

For over 200 years, the company has been driven by an unwavering desire to attain the highest quality and make the world’s best marzipan. 

Niederegger offers a wide array of specialties that are utterly without rival: finest marzipan, melt-in-the-mouth nougat, carefully composed praline assortments. 

Niederegger is the only premium manufacturer to use 100% marzipan paste, which is produced exclusively at the company’s headquarters in Lübeck using only the finest ingredients. 

The extensive range, broken down into Christmas, Easter and year-round products, is regularly updated with innovative new ideas. 

Marzipan with love. Since 1806.

About Chocolate Amatller

The company founded by Gabriel Amatller in 1797 immediately won the respect of the best establishments of Barcelona. Over the past two centuries, Chocolate Amatller has used only the very best ingredients. Foremost among them, high quality cacao.

As a great lover of art, Gabriel Amatller worked with the best painters of the day to create advertisements for his brand. Alphonse Mucha was the author of several of them, and his work decorates the packaging to this day.

Throughout the years, Chocolate Amatller has represented the utmost with its quality products and beautiful packaging. And it’s precisely for this reason that boxes of Amatller chocolates are so often chosen as a gift for those we love.

An old little pleasure from Barcelona, since 1797.

About Pastiglie Leone

Since 1857, with the opening of its first confectionery in Alba, Leone is synonymous of “state of the art” and contains in its DNA taste, beauty and Italian spirit, to offer moments of sophisticated and carefree pleasure at the same time. Leone represents a real unicum in the Made in Italy confectionery universe and it’s known for its high-quality creations with surprising flavours and, at the same time, refined design and aesthetics. Leone selects the best ingredients, in Italy and all over the world: Piedmont IGP hazelnuts and Sicilian pistachios best express their qualities in the encounter with the precious cocoa of Central America.

From Madagascar come the vanilla berries, while from Asia comes the cinnamon of Ceylon. Leone’s wide product range includes pastilles, gummies, jellies, candies and chocolate. With eye-catching and handy packaging all the products are not just delicious treats for yourself but ideal for gifting and sharing too. 

Leone, candy masters since 1857.